How did kirito and Asuna survive 200 years?

How did kirito and Asuna survive 200 years?

That decision subjected them to 200 years spent in the VR realm as they were caught in Underworld’s reboot, during which the Fluctlight’s technology greatly accelerated time. When Kirito and Asuna finally return, they decide to erase their memories of that time.

Is Sao War of Underworld Part 2 over?

The second part of the series premiered on October 13, 2019, and aired until December 29, 2019, with a recap episode summarizing the first part airing on October 6, 2019.

How long is 200 years in the Underworld?

Star King Kirito and Star Queen Asuna was trapped 200 years in Underworld equivalent to 2 months in real world.

Is Sao Alicization censored?

Sword Art Online: Alicization is an Japanese anime that was made by A-1 Pictures, and it was released on October 7, 2018 and it is still ongoing. Aniplex of America decided to censor the show due to controversy when the episode first released, as a result a rape scene was toned down.

What happens at the end of Sao?

SAO ending explained Kirito receives a call from Rinko who reveals that Alice has gone missing. Kirito later heads out to meet Rinko but is interrupted by the postman who ends up leaving a huge box along with the Rath Insignia in front of the door. Kirito opens the box only to find Alice inside it.

Is the ending of 1408 the same in the movie?

Yet, the ending audiences saw in theaters was the end result of big changes to the original conclusion. The beginning of 1408 ‘s end is the same in both the theatrically released cut and the director’s cut, which contains the originally planned conclusion.

Will there be a Sao season 2?

Recent developments in the series suggest that it will be least two years before fans experience the next season of SAO. Also read: Sicario ending explained: What happens to Alejandro at the end of the movie?

What happened to Katie in 1408?

During the climax, the viewers saw how Mike met his daughter in room 1408 and after a heartfelt conversation with him, she died in his arms. In a fraction of a few seconds, Katie turned into ashes. How many endings does ‘1408’ have?