How did ARF protein get its name?

How did ARF protein get its name?

Its name is derived from its identification as a secretion-associated and Ras-related protein. Cloning of the mammalian orthologues revealed the presence of two closely related (90% identity) proteins/genes (Kuge et al., 1994).

Is ARF an adapter protein?

The active form, ARF*GTP, binds to vesicle coat proteins and adaptors, including coat protein I (COPI) and various phospholipids. Different types of ARF bind specifically different kinds of effector proteins.

Is ARF a Gtpase?

ADP-ribosylation factor (Arf) GTPases are a subfamily of the Ras superfamily of small GTPases. Arf proteins perform diverse and critical functions in fundamental cellular processes like membrane trafficking, lipid modification, cytokinesis and cell adhesion.

Is ARF AG protein?

The ADP-ribosylation factor (ARF) family of guanine-nucleotide-binding (G) proteins, including the ARF proteins, ARF-like (ARL) proteins and SAR1, regulates membrane traffic and organelle structure, and each family member is regulated through a cycle of GTP binding and GTP hydrolysis, which activate and inactivate.

Does ARF activate p53?

ARF checkpoint control. ARFresponds to proliferative signals that are normally required for cell proliferation. When these signals exceed a critical threshold, the ARF-dependent checkpoint (gray vertical barrel) is activated, and ARF triggers a p53-dependent response that induces growth arrest and/or apoptosis.

What is p14ARF?

p14ARF inhibits mdm2, thus promoting p53, which promotes p21 activation, which then binds and inactivates certain cyclin-CDK complexes, which would otherwise promote transcription of genes that would carry the cell through the G1/S checkpoint of the cell cycle.

What is ARF gap?

Arf GAP proteins are a versatile and diverse group of proteins. They control the activity of the GTP-binding proteins of the ARF family by inducing the hydrolysis of GTP that is bound to Arf proteins. The best-studied role of Arf GAPs is in intracellular traffic.

What is ARF short for?


Acronym Definition
ARF Acute Renal Failure
ARF Animal Rescue Foundation
ARF ADP Ribosylation Factor
ARF Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Armenian political party)

What does ARF GEF do?

A critical step in the functional cycle of Arf GTPases is their activation by guanine-nucleotide exchange factors (ArfGEFs), which have a dual role in stimulating nucleotide exchange and localizing Arf-GTP to a membrane.

What is ARF p53?

p53 and ARF are well-established tumor suppressor proteins that function together in the negative regulation of cancer. Recently, both of these proteins were found to play surprising roles in autophagy. Autophagy (“self-eating”) is a critical response of eukaryotic cells to metabolic and other stress.

What does ARF gene do?

ARF (alternative reading frame) is a tumor suppressor protein that accumulates in the nucleolus in response to aberrant oncogenic/hyperproliferative signals and induces cell cycle arrest in G1/S or G2/M transition and apoptosis.

What is ARF army?

This document contains information specific to the standard army 300 Meter Rifle Ranges including the Automated Field Fire (AFF), Automated Record Fire (ARF), and Modified Record Fire (MRF) Ranges.

What is the function of ARF genes?

Auxin response factors (ARFs) are transcription factors that bind with specificity to TGTCTC-containing auxin response elements (AuxREs) found in promoters of primary/early auxin response genes and mediate responses to the plant hormone auxin. The ARF genes are represented by a large multigene family in plants.

What is the auxin response factor (ARF) gene?

The auxin response factor ( ARF) gene family is involved in plant development and hormone regulation. Although the ARF gene family has been studied in some plant species, its structural features, molecular evolution, and expression profiling in Brachypodium distachyon L. are still not clear.

How many ARF genes are there in Arabidopsis?

The ARF genes are represented by a large multigene family in plants. A comprehensive genome-wide analysis was carried out in this study to find all ARFs in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) and rice (Oryza sativa subsp. japonica), 23 and 25 ARF genes, named as AtARFs and OsARFs, were identified, respectively.

Which plants have ararf genes?

ARF genes from Brachypodium distachyon and other six plant species that represent plant lineages of monocots and dicots were identified, including Setaria italic, Oryza sativa, Sorghum bicolor, Zea mays, Triticum aestivum and Arabidopsis thaliana.