How can you tell if a Staffordshire dog is real?

How can you tell if a Staffordshire dog is real?

What to look for:

  1. Press moulded body with defined modelling and a very small firing hole in the base. (
  2. Painted decoration: detailed with a face full of character and slight differences between the pair.
  3. Soft gilding showing evidence of age.
  4. Signs of crazing, or firing flaws on the base.
  5. No maker’s mark.

Is Beswick the same as Royal Doulton?

After many successful years, the Beswick name was sold to Royal Doulton in 1989, at which time the production of Beatrix Potter characters was halted.

What are Beswick figurines made of?

From 1896 when James Wright Beswick and his sons John and Gilbert first established their earthenware pottery business, “J. W.

When were Beswick figures made?

The production of Beswick figures can be divided into two periods. From the 1890’s to the mid 1930’s the Beswick factory produced, in the Staffordshire traditional form, a combination of table ware, decorative porcelain, majolica and a range of figures and animals such as generals, milkmaids, mantle dogs, cattle and horses.

Are there any Bulldog figurines made in the UK?

Two bulldog models, one by Beswick, mark to base ‘Ch. Basford British Mascot’, brown and white and another seated ‘Made in England’, black finish with glass eyes Beswick porcelain figurine designed as a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. length 5 cm, high 4 cm. Beswick figure of a St Bernard.

How many Beswick country folk figures are there?

Five Beswick Country Folk figures incuding hunstman Fox ECF1, fIsherman Otter ECF2, Shephard sheepdog ECF5, Hiker badger ECFF 6 and spECFial colourway of hiker badger ECFF9

How tall is a Beswick dachshund?

Two various Beswick dog figures, including standing corgi, and seated dachshund. Both with Beswick labels attached, height 7 cm (dachshund). A large Beswick china model of a Dalmation dog. Model 2271. Height 34 cm