How can I identify a snake by a picture?

How can I identify a snake by a picture?

SnakeSnap is a mobile application that uses photo identification to help identify unknown snakes, and teach us about the uses and benefits these animals provide to our eco-system. Built for everyone from an avid snake enthusiast, to anyone just interested in learning more about all snake species.

How many species of snakes are there?

More than 3,400 species of snakes in the world have been classified with more than 25 families with a set of particular characters related to that group, such as DNA coding, scale count, anatomy, etc. Further they have been classified in sub-family, family, genera, species, subspecies etc.

How do I know what snake is in my yard?

If you have round holes in your yard, you may just have snakes on your property!…You can find out if a snake hole is vacant a few different ways:

  1. Look out for freshly shed snakeskin.
  2. Observe any snake feces.
  3. Check to see if there are spiderwebs or debris around the hole.

Who can help me identify a snake? has launched a snake identification service. Send us a picture of a snake, and we will do our best to identify the species for you. We will then post the picture to the “photo wall” for your particular state (if inside the U.S.), or your country (if outside the U.S.).

What snake looks like a garden snake?

Garter Snakes
Garter Snakes are a very common wild snake found across most of North America and Canada. Any snake from the genus Thamnophis is a type of Garter snake. It is common to find this species near gardens, ponds, forests and wetlands. This leads to many people calling them garden snakes.

What are the names of different types of snakes?

There are many types of large snakes in the world, but the biggest include the green anaconda, reticulated python, Burmese python and African rock python. These are all constrictors, which means that they wrap their bodies around prey and squeeze it until it suffocates.

What are some names of snakes?

The species has a variety of common names, including: pine snake, pinesnake, common pine snake, bull snake, black and white snake, carpet snake, chicken snake, common bull snake, eastern bull snake, eastern pine snake, horn(ed) snake, New Jersey pine snake, North American pine snake, northern pine snake, pilot snake, and white gopher snake.

What are the names of the poisonous snakes?

Other types of poisonous snakes include rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths, coral snakes, bushmasters, common adders, boomslangs and yellow-bellied sea snakes. The black mamba, named for the color of the inside of its mouth, is found in southern and eastern Africa and can grow as long as 14 feet (4.5 m).

What are some deadly snakes?

The Black Mamba is one of the most toxic snakes in the world. It has quite the reputation among the top deadliest snakes which kill hundreds of people annually. This snake is often regarded to be a potential danger to human lives in Africa because of its extremely deadly venom.