How can I get free spins on pirate kings?

How can I get free spins on pirate kings?

Ways To Get More Spins And Coins

  1. Join Pirate Kings WhatsApp Group. For pirate kings daily free spins and coins you can join the following WhatsApp group here.
  2. Invite Facebook Friends. Every time you invite your friends to Facebook to play the pirate kings game you will get new spins and gifts.
  3. Wait a while.

How many islands are there in pirate kings?

As it will take you a lot longer to unlock more islands later on, you should cherish each achievement and know that there are currently 82 islands in Pirate Kings. By clicking on the options button on the upper left side of your screen, you can visit your islands on the quick link choices available.

When was Pirate Kings released?

Pirate Kings was launched in 2013.

How do I link Pirate King with Facebook?

So finish the game’s tutorial by spinning – until you get access to the main menu button. Then you could simply go to settings and hit the “CONNECT TO FACEBOOK” button <3.

Who is the current pirate king?

The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, Gold Roger! — Introduction to One Piece We Are! 5,564,800,000 being the highest in pirating history.

Who was the real King of the Pirates?

Although Every’s career as a pirate lasted only two years, his exploits captured the public’s imagination, inspired others to take up piracy, and spawned works of literature….

Henry Every
Piratical career
Nickname Long Ben The Arch Pirate The King of Pirates
Allegiance None
Years active 1694–1696

Is Gold Roger dead?

No. Gol D Roger is dead. He was executed before people of Loguetown. Though there are theories that Roger is alive but Roger himself surrender to the marines.

What is Pirate Kings?

Pirate Kings is a popular casual game for mobile devices by Jelly Button Games in which you spin the wheel for gold and other stuff (attack, steal, spins, defend). Check out Pirate Kings tips, guide, walkthrough, and cheats strategy to unlock new Islands fast, get free spins, and much more

How to get free gold in Pirate Kings game?

There are many ways to get free gold in Pirate Kings game: – Watch the video ad (you will get this offer time to time), by spinning the wheel or claim the daily bonus. Connect to Facebook account and invite your friends to earn more gold. Your main objective is to unlock all the Islands featured in Pirate Kings game.

How to unlock a new island in Pirate Kings?

To unlock a new Island or move to new Island in Pirate Kings game, you have to buy all the items for your current Island. Just complete these upgrades or buy all the items with your coins and unlock new Islands. When you move to new Island, your old Islands will mine gold for you; passive income daily.

How many times can you spin the wheel in Pirate Kings?

Spins are limited in Pirate Kings game. You get 5 spins per hour and cost of spinning the wheel is 1 spin point. So, you can not spin the wheel unlimited numbers of time. Depending on the luck, you may get: –