How can I download Microsoft Office 2010 full version for free?

How can I download Microsoft Office 2010 full version for free?

Microsoft Office 2010 is now available as a free download on Alternatively, you may use this link to access the directly installer of Office 2010 Professional edition – the link may require you to sign-in with your Windows Live ID.

How can I download a full version of PowerPoint for free?

Option 1 – Web Version Accessing Microsoft PowerPoint and other core Office programs is free via the web, and all you’ll need is a Microsoft account. Head over to and create an account, or log into one that you already have.

Is PowerPoint 2010 free?

User reviews about Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 there is written paid then it is free and we do not have to pay and full version right? Nice apps to use for every students that need this apps to be easily, and to be timeless.

How can I download PowerPoint?

On the File tab of the Ribbon, select Download As, and then, on the panel of options that appears on the right, select Download a Copy. A dialog box confirms that the copy is ready to be downloaded to your computer. Select Download to continue.

How do I download PowerPoint to my computer?

Navigate to the Microsoft Office folder on your computer, double-click on the Setup file, then follow the on-screen instructions in the setup wizard to install PowerPoint on your computer.

Can Office 2010 still be downloaded?

Important: Office 2010 is no longer supported . If you still need to install this version, you’ll need an Office 2010 installation disc and a product key for the version you’re trying to install. Because of potential backward compatibility issues the default installed version is 32-bit.

Can I download Office 2010 if I have a product key?

To download Office 2010 or 2013, visit this page on, and enter the product key. You should then be able to download an installer for Office and put it on any Windows system you like. Once you have an ISO file, you can use the Windows USB/DVD Download tool to “burn” it to a flash drive or disc.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Office?

Microsoft offers Office free to anyone who accesses it directly from Just be aware that when you use, you are not getting the full-powered versions of Office that you get when you pay to use this software.

How do I download PowerPoint on my laptop?

How do I install PowerPoint on Windows 10?

Use a test computer or a virtual machine. Step 1: Join the Windows Insider program and download the Windows 10 ISO image Step 2: If you are installing on a regular PC, Burn it to an optical disk or create a bootable USB flash drive. Otherwise, just attach the ISO image using the virtual machine software of your choice.

How can I get Microsoft PowerPoint for free?

Access the free software download link. When the Microsoft PowerPoint homepage loads, scroll to the middle of the page. Click the “Free 60 Day Trial” link. Click “Try Now” below the green download arrow. Download the Microsoft Office Suite to your computer. Click the “Download Now” link on the Microsoft Office screen that will appear.

What is the best free PowerPoint software?

11 Best Free .PPTX Viewer Software Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. PowerPoint Viewer. Apache OpenOffice Impress. Express Points Presentation Software. Power Point Express. Kingsoft Presentation Free 2013. IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations. Libreoffice Impress. OxygenOffice Professional Impress. Free PPTX Viewer.

What is the latest version of PowerPoint?

Open an empty Slide from PowerPoint

  • Click on File Tab on the top left corner of your PowerPoint window.
  • Then select “Help” or “Account” depending on the version of your office.
  • On the options that appear,locate and click on “Install Updates” or “Check Updates”,whatever option available to update to the latest version