How can I download Internet Explorer 9?

How can I download Internet Explorer 9?

The first way that you can open the download window in Internet Explorer 9 is to click the Tools icon at the top-right-corner of the window, then click the View downloads option on this menu. The second method that can be used to open the download folder is simply by pressing the Ctrl + J keys simultaneously in an open Internet Explorer 9 window.

How to download Internet Explorer 9?

To download Internet Explorer 9,go to: you can download where you can download Internet Explorer 9 in the language that matches your version of Windows (

  • Click the Download Now button on the upper right side of the page
  • Internet Explorer will detect your current operating system and will provide you with a download link for your specific Windows version.
  • In this page,you can also select I would also like Bing and MSN defaults,this will set Bing as the default search engine for you.
  • On the File Download dialog box,you can either run the installer or save it on your machine. We will be clicking Run
  • Download will begins
  • If you have the User Account Control enabled,then a dialog box will open asking you if you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer,…
  • The Install Internet Explorer 9 dialog box will open,click Install
  • Installing Internet Explorer 9 will start
  • Once installation is completed,you will be requested to restart your machine to apply the changes.
  • Once you restart your machine,open Internet Explorer 9,and you will discover the new interface.
  • Is Internet Explorer 9 still supported?

    Internet Explorer 9 is the last version of Internet Explorer to be supported on Windows Vista; Internet Explorer 10 will only be supported on Windows 7 and later. Both IA-32 and x64 builds are available.

    What is Internet Explorer 9 notification bar and its features?

    Gets out of the way Unless it doesn’t make sense to get out of the way.

  • Clearer instructions. The new Notification Bar is also designed with normal users in mind.
  • Pop-ups. Occasionally,the IE notifications system will need to pop-up a dialog box instead of using the Notification Bar.
  • Corporate controls.
  • Common Notification Bar scenarios.