How accurate is Withings body composition?

How accurate is Withings body composition?

The Withings scale reported our testers’ body fat 9 percent more than the “gold standard.” The Withings body analyzer uses a scientific technique that is widely recognized as the best method for at-home body mass measurement. The Qardio scale reported our testers’ body fat 5 percent more than the “gold standard.”

How accurate is Withings Smart scale?

The Withings Body+ Scale measures weight, body fat, water percentage, and muscle and bone mass. Its maker states that measurements are accurate to 100 grams. The scale also syncs with more than 100 fitness apps, such as Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit.

What does the Withings scale measure?

Withings Body+ uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to estimate body composition. The scale assesses body fat and water percentage, as well as muscle and bone mass, to help people take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. All of these measurements are taken automatically each time someone steps on the scale.

How does Withings scale measure water?

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) BIA sends a tiny, harmless electrical current through your body to measure the total percentage of water. From there, your body fat percentage can be calculated.

Is the Withings Body+ worth it?

Our Verdict It gives you all the tools you need to monitor your weight and body composition over time, together with activity data from third-party apps and expert advice to help you develop better lifestyle habits. It’s not the cheapest smart scale around, but it’s easily one of the best.

How does Withings scale know who is on it?

The scale will recognize the user based on the weight manually entered into the app during setup.

Is 46 muscle mass good?

According to Withings, normal ranges for muscle mass are: Ages 20-39: 75-89 percent for men, 63-75.5 percent for women. Ages 40-59: 73-86 percent for men, 62-73.5 percent for women. ages 60-79: 70-84 percent for men, 60-72.5 percent for women.

Can you trust smart scales?

Long story short: Smart scales are fairly accurate if you use them as instructed and are fairly normal for your age, height, and gender.

Which smart scale is best?

The best smart scales

  1. Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2. Accurate, sleek and simple to use, the best smart scale you can buy.
  2. Eufy Smart Scale C1. Makes tracking your body composition simplicity itself.
  3. Withings Body+
  4. FitTrack Dara.
  5. Withings Body Cardio.
  6. Garmin Index S2.
  7. Fitbit Aria Air.

How does a scale know your body fat?

Body fat scales are easy to use. When you step on the scale, a small electrical current runs up through your leg and across your pelvis, measuring the amount of resistance from body fat. Then, the sensors in the scale measure the level of resistance that the current met as it travels back through your other leg.

Are withings watches accurate?

We found the step tracking to be accurate and it gave us very similar results to what we’ve seen from other devices over similar distances. The big highlight of the Steel HR is the heart rate tracker on the back of the device.