Does Synology drive replace cloud Station?

Does Synology drive replace cloud Station?

Synology Drive Server is the successor of Synology Cloud Station. In addition to the main functions of Cloud Station, you’ll also receive access to many other functions. For example, the Drive Server offers a web portal for file management. You can also manage and synchronize files shared by others.

What is the difference between Synology Drive and cloud Station?

Synology Drive is the complete successor to Cloud Station with more fruitful file management, sharing, syncing, and collaboration functions….Differences between Synology Drive and Cloud Station.

Suites Synology Drive Cloud Station
Package Synology Drive Server Cloud Station Server & ShareSync

How do I uninstall Synology Disk?

Uninstall Synology Drive Server

  1. Go to Package Center > Synology Drive Server.
  2. Below the package name and status, locate a button with a drop-down menu. Click the downward arrow.
  3. Click Uninstall.
  4. Tick Delete the items listed above when uninstalling the package when the option appears on the screen.

How do I use Synology NAS as cloud?

Set up connection between your Synology NAS and your computer. Go to Package Center, find Cloud Station Server, and then click Install. Launch Cloud Station Server. In the Overview tab, click the button under Cloud Station Drive to download Cloud Station Drive for your operating system.

Is Synology cloud Station discontinued?

Published: March 18, 2021 Synology will be discontinuing support for Synology Cloud Station Server, Cloud Station ShareSync, Cloud Station Drive, and Cloud Station Backup running on the DSM platform on April 30, 2021. All of these packages will no longer be available for download through the Synology Package Center.

How do I upgrade my Synology Drive server?

Upgrading to Synology Drive Server In DSM, go to the Package Center and install Synology Drive Server. Or, go to the Synology Download Center > enter your NAS model > the Desktop Utilities tab to download and install the package. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

What is Synology cloud Station server?

Cloud Station is a file sharing service that allows you to synchronize files between a centralized Synology Router and multiple client computers and mobile devices.

What is Synology Cloud Station server?

What is Synology Cloud Server?

Cloud Station is a file sharing service that allows you to synchronize files between a centralized Synology NAS and multiple client computers, mobile and Synology NAS devices.

Does Synology have a cloud?

Synology Cloud Services With a wide range of cloud services, Synology allows DSM users to connect to their Synology NAS in the most intuitive, painless, and flexible way possible and protects their important data in a dedicated data center.

What is Synology drive server?

Powered by Synology Surveillance Station Synology Drive Server is a comprehensive solution for file storage, management, sharing, and synchronization.

Can I re-install Cloud station after installing Synology drive?

After you install them, the original Cloud Station will be replaced, and you cannot re-install Cloud Station unless you uninstall Synology Drive. For Cloud Station Server, Cloud Station Drive, Cloud Station Backup, and Cloud Station ShareSync, you should upgrade to their counterparts in Synology Drive 3.0 to ensure compatibility.

How do I backup my Synology NAS devices?

For real-time backup, go to Synology Download Center and download Cloud Station Backup utility. Cloud Station ShareSync (available at Package Center) is required to be installed on each Synology NAS device you want to pair with in order to sync files between this host Synology NAS and other client Synology NAS devices.

Is Synology NAS the best alternative to traditional file servers?

“Synology NAS is the best alternative to traditional file servers and public cloud storage.” Võ Văn Phương Tú, IT Manager, TTT Corporation Join a community of over one million who have deployed Synology Drive at their homes or offices. The On-demand Sync feature is available to Windows 10 clients only.