Does Smart Retailer SIM expire?

Does Smart Retailer SIM expire?

The SMART Prepaid GSM service shall be permanently disconnected if the Retailer fails to load another SMART Call and Text and/or SMARTLoad value within 150 days after the last card or load balance is completely consumed.

What is smart retailer SIM?

Retailer SIM – a prepaid SIM with a Load Function Menu that allow Retailer to load Load Credits to subscribers. SMART may, however, suspend or terminate the use of the Retailer SIM for SMARTLoad Service for whatever reason it deems fit.

How do I activate my old Smart SIM?

How do I activate my SIM?

  1. Texting? 1515 to 214 for free.
  2. Dialing *214# and press Call to receive load balance via text for free.
  3. Dialing 1515 using your cellphone and you will receive your balance details via SMS (P1/inquiry).

How much is a retailer SIM?

You’ll also have to purchase a retailer SIM card that costs around PHP 300 to PHP 600 as well as an initial load balance worth PHP 1,000. The telecom company may refer you to a local load distributor in your area where you’ll buy the retailer SIM and reload your load wallet.

Can you reuse a deactivated SIM card?

Once a SIM is deactivated, it is useless and cannot be reuse.

How long do smart SIM cards expire?

Card Validity The value of the Smart Prepaid, TNT, and Smart Bro Prepaid call & text cards must be used up within 365 days (1 year) from the date it was loaded into your account.

How long does a SIM card expire?

Expiration Date The date at which service credit on a SIM card expires depends on the carrier, but is usually a fixed period — six months or a year, for example — after you load the credit that has most recently been loaded on the card.

What happens when SIM is deactivated?

Once a SIM card has been deactivated, it’s not possible to reactivate it. Moreover, deactivating the SIM card returns the phone number associated with it to the pool of available phone numbers. If none of the necessary actions to keep the SIM active are performed then the SIM deactivation procedure will be initiated.

How to buy a retailer SIM card?

With the exception of Sun Cellular, the retailer SIM cards are only available through these distributors. It’s also important that you know where exactly their office or branch is because you would have to go there when you need to reload your credit stock. Make sure that it’s convenient to visit their location. 4. Buy your retailer SIM card.

Where can I buy a Smart prepaid SIM?

Get your Smart Prepaid SIM from Smart retailers and major malls & convenience stores nationwide. Need one now? Buy from the Smart Online Store. Unlock Smart’s fastest LTE network by upgrading to Smart Prepaid LTE SIM! PasaLoad enables Smart users (prepaid or postpaid) to pass load or credits to other Smart Prepaid subscribers.

Which cellphones can read special retail sim cards?

Almost all cellphone brands and models are capable of reading the special retailer SIM cards. Anything that came after 1999 would probably work so this means that you can now have another use for your old Nokia 3210 and the other good working cellphones that are now collecting dust in your household drawers.

Where can I buy smartsmart load?

Smart Load is also available via eLoad retailers and sari-sari stores nationwide. Smart retailers and major malls & convenience stores nationwide! Load it up instantly or keep it for future use.