Does OtterBox protect against drops?

Does OtterBox protect against drops?

DEFEND YOUR DEVICE FROM DROPS, FALLS AND DAILY ADVENTURE. With Defender Series, you are getting classic OtterBox protection for your phone, now slimmer and tougher than ever. Defend your device against drops, dirt and scrapes with Defender Series.

How far can you drop an OtterBox?

Out of the three cases, the only case that we’ve tested in terms of drop protection is the Otterbox Defender. We’re giving Otterbox the benefit of the doubt by saying it will protect your iPhone from 6.6 ft drops but in our drop test, we threw in 40 ft in the air. The iPhone 6 is fine though a little bent.

What happens if you drop your phone with an OtterBox?

Does OtterBox replace a phone if it breaks? No. OtterBox will replace a broken/damaged case, but the warranty does NOT cover any damage to the phone. Some cellular carriers sell ‘accidental damage’ warranties for the phones they sell.

Is otterbox symmetry drop proof?

The new ultra-slim Symmetry Series cases are made from synthetic rubber and polycarbonate, offers drop protection, and feature a screen bumper with an ever so slightly raised edge to help protect the screen if you drop your phone face down.

Is OtterBox drop tested?

Every case we make is designed to the exact dimensions of the device it protects. Then we test and retest to ensure your device fits just right. You can trust that this holster does its job. We test the extremes of its strength and functionality to ensure that the clip doesn’t break and your phone doesn’t fall out.

Does an OtterBox really protect your phone?

Otterbox is one of the biggest names in smartphone cases. It has built its reputation on making the toughest most durable cases around that will protect your smartphone from just about anything. It’s important to consider how you use your phone and in what environments you find yourself using it.

What is the OtterBox drop test?

We test the extremes of its strength and functionality to ensure that the clip doesn’t break and your phone doesn’t fall out. You don’t have to repeat yourself when using an OtterBox case. The voice command function is tested to work with the case so you are always understood.

Do I have to return my old OtterBox?

What is your return policy? We will accept returns within 30 days of the original purchase only if the product was purchased directly from Otter Products.

What does OtterBox certified drop protection mean?

1-most trusted case brand in smartphone protection. “OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection means that OtterBox cases are tested by us and built for you, standing up to the rough-and-tumble, hectic, non-stop lifestyles of today’s smartphone users.

What is military grade drop protection?

In its Customer Support section, it says that “Military Grade Protection” means that each MIL-STD case has been drop-tested on each face, edge, and corner, and that after the tests the phone was still functioning with a non-cracked screen.

Do I need a screen protector with an OtterBox?

No. The protective case actually is designed so that there is no need for a screen protector. The clip of the case can cover the screen when the phone is not in use and snaps on to the back casing when the phone is in use.