Does Olema Campground have WIFI?

Does Olema Campground have WIFI?

The campground had wifi but of course as people woke up the wifi bogged down. Given the campground is a bit remote, there wasn’t great cell service. Although we would routinely have 2 bars (both ATT & Verizon) internet would be zero to spotty. Campground had 70+ tent sites and was popular.

Why is Point Reyes so straight?

People visit Point Reyes for many reasons: the natural beaches, exciting wildlife, endless trails and its distinct historic and geological make-up. “For Northern California, you generally have rocky outcrops every mile or so disrupting the flow, so to have 11 miles of straight open beach is uncommon.”

What is Point Reyes known for?

In addition to the life-saving service, Point Reyes is famous for its historic lighthouse. First lit in 1870, the lighthouse stands over 600 feet above sea level on a ledge blasted out of the rock with dynamite.

Why choose Olema campground?

Treat your family to an unforgettable outdoor adventure or enjoy a leisurely getaway with your loved one when you come to Olema Campground, a fun campground in Olema, California. Since 1969, we’ve been offering families, friends, and couples a chance to relax in the beautiful natural setting of our campground in an RV or tent.

What are some restaurants close to Olema campground?

What are some restaurants close to Olema Campground? Conveniently located restaurants include Inverness Park Market, Bovine Bakery, and Cowgirl Creamery. See all nearby restaurants.

Where is opolema campground located?

Olema Campground is located next to the Point Reyes National Seashore, just north of San Francisco. We offer the ideal place to enjoy different outdoor activities like bird watching, hiking, kayaking or just relaxing on the beach. We offer both RV and Tent campsites in a beautiful rural setting.

What to do in Olema and Point Reyes Station?

Obtain all your daily essentials at the local grocery or hardware store, located just two miles away in the town of Point Reyes Station. The hardware store carries sports equipment and some camping and RV supplies. There are interesting shops and restaurants in Olema and Point Reyes Station.