Does Kona Brewing have food?

Does Kona Brewing have food?

You’ll find plenty of food, fresh Kona beer and aloha spirit.

Where are the Kona Brewing commercials filmed?

Created by Duncan Channon, a two-time Ad Age Small Agency of the Year in the West, the new multi-million-dollar campaign was shot entirely in Hawaii, working with an all-local cast and many local businesses.

Is Kona brewery open?


Is Kona brewed in Colorado?

That said, Kona was bought in 2010 by Craft Brew Alliance, a company that owns several breweries and is backed by Anheuser-Busch. As such, much of its production is in Portland, Oregon, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Fort Collins, Colorado.

Can you tour the Kona brewery?

Brewery tours are organized a few times a day and last about an hour, typically split in a 30 minute tour and a 30 minute tasting. During the tour you will learn about the company and about the brewing process, the tour also includes a complimentary gift and four 4oz beer samples for those +21.

Who owns Kona beer?

PV Brewing Partners, LLC
Kona Brewing Company/Parent organizations

Who owns the Kona Brewing Company?

Kona Brewing Company/Parent organizations

Formerly owned by Craft Brew Alliance, Kona is owned by PV Brewing Partners since September 2020. Kona’s year-round beers include Longboard Island Lager, Big Wave Golden Ale (formerly Pacific Golden Ale), and Fire Rock Pale Ale.

Is Kona beer from Hawaii?

To add to the confusion, Kona Brewing does in fact have a brewing facility and pub located in Hawaii, but it only produces around 12,000 barrels of beer a year; any Kona beer sold in the upper 48 is produced here in the U.S., and has been for several years.

Who owns Kona Brewing Company?

Kona Brewing Company is a brewery in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island. As of October 1, 2010, it has been owned by Craft Brew Alliance.

What is the most popular beer in Hawaii?

From 1901-1998, “Primo” was one of the most popular Hawaiian beers, and Sam Choy ‘s Big Aloha beer is one popular microbrew. Tags: primo, hawaii.

What is a Hawaiian beer?

Hanalei Island IPA is an easy-drinking, sessionable beer that combines the hoppy aroma of an IPA with a tropical Hawaiian twist. Passionfruit , orange and guava balance the hops to deliver a coppery, session-style ale that reflects the flavors and spirit of the islands.