Does Filipino needs visa to Nepal?

Does Filipino needs visa to Nepal?

Philippine passport holders are required to get a visa to enter Nepal. But since it’s visa on arrival only, the chances of getting denied are low. As long as you meet all the simple requirements and very easy steps, you can see the Himalayas or Mount Everest in no time.

How much is Nepal visa from Philippines?

Visa on Arrival Fees are as follows: 15 days = US$ 30.00. 30 days = US$ 50.00. 90 days = US$ 120.00.

How long can I stay in Nepal on a tourist visa?

150 days
For regular tourist visa provided upon arrival by the Nepali Department of Immigration, tourists may stay no more than 150 days in any given calendar year. Tourists may request the following visa at the time of arrival at TIA and checkpoints: 15 days multiple-entry tourist visa ($30 USD)

How much is Nepal visa?

Full list of Nepali visa fees

Visa Type Visa Fee in USD $
1. Tourist Visa (short) USD 30
2. 30 Days (Multiple Entry) USD 50
3. 90 Days (Multiple Entry) USD 125
4. Visa Extension (Within Valid Visa Period) USD 3 per Day

How many Filipinos are in Nepal?

200 Filipinos
As of March 2017, the Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Kathmandu estimated that there are approximately 200 Filipinos living in Nepal, including professionals, skilled workers, volunteers, missionaries or spouses of Nepalese or other nationals.

How long can foreigners stay Nepal?

The foreign tourist visiting Nepal shall be granted the tourist visa. The tourist visa shall be granted for a maximum period of 150 days in a visit year (January- December).

How can I stay in Nepal for a year?

Nepal Resident Visa Requirements

  1. The printed Nepal Resident Visa Application Form (completed online)
  2. Bank statements showing at least USD 20,000.
  3. Proof of regular income of at least USD 20,000 per year.
  4. A No Objection Certificate from the Embassy of your country.
  5. A Character Certificate.

Is Nepal near the Philippines?

The distance between Nepal and Philippines is 4349 km.

Is there a quarantine in Nepal?

All non-vaccinated/semi-vaccinated travelers must quarantine for 5 days in hotel at their own cost upon negative antigen test at arrival. PCR test must be done on 6th day before travelling within the country. All travelers may be subject to random checks.

How to get visa on arrival in Nepal?

Immigration Office, TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport) under Department of Immigration has been facilitating tourists flying to Nepal by providing Visa on Arrival. ‘On Arrival’ visa procedure is very quick and simple.

How long can I stay in the Philippines without a visa?

No visa required for a stay not exceeding thirty (30) days. Traveller must hold valid ticket for return journey to country of origin or next country of destination and a passport valid for a period of at least six (6) months beyond the stay in the Philippines. No visa required for a stay not exceeding thirty (30) days.

How can I invite a Nepali to visit the Philippines?

An invitation and guarantee letter, by the sponsor-host who must be a Nepali with a residence in Nepal duly authenticated by the Consulate General of the Philippines in Kathmandu; or, Confirmed reservation of a hotel accommodation or by a travel agency confirmed booking with a valid tour operator in Nepal.

Is gratis visa free in Nepal?

Gratis Visa is issued free of cost in case of following categories of Visa applicants: Up to 30 days for SAARC Citizen (except Afghanistan) visiting Nepal for the first time in a given visa Year. Afghan citizen are eligible for Gratis Visa on Arrival only upon the recommendation of Department of Immigration.