Does Dell XPS 17 have backlit keyboard?

Does Dell XPS 17 have backlit keyboard?

The following table provides the detailed keyboard specifications of XPS 17 9700….Keyboard.

Description Values
Keyboard type Backlit keyboard
Keyboard layout QWERTY
Number of keys United States and Canada: 79 keys United Kingdom: 80 keys Japan: 83 keys
Keyboard size X = 19.05 mm key pitch Y = 18.05 mm key pitch

What is Dell XPS 17?

The refreshed Dell XPS 17 is a sleek, powerful notebook with enough graphics capability for all but the most intense 3D games, together with a gorgeous 17-inch 4K display.

What is the price of Dell XPS 17 2020?

The Dell XPS 17 9700 price in India starts at Rs. 2,09,500 for the base model. This configuration includes a 10th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, 1TB storage, and a full-HD+ display. The company says the laptop is available for purchase in India through Amazon, Dell India website, and Dell Exclusive Stores.

How do I adjust the backlight on my Dell laptop?

Turning the Keyboard Backlight On/Off or Adjusting Brightness

  1. Press + (Fn key not needed if function key lock is activated) to initialize the keyboard backlight switch.
  2. The first use of the above key combination will turn on the backlight to its lowest setting.

Is the Dell XPS bad?

Verdict. The Dell XPS 13 is a fantastic laptop held back by a few failures, most of which are issues traditionally associated with Dell and others. The design, build, look and physical function of the laptop is top-class. The 4K screen is simply gorgeous, with tiny bezels all around.

Does XPS 17 get hot?

The clips inside the XPS 17 are just quite strong, and they were not prepared to let go of the bottom. That’s not a bad thing, of course; the system is built securely and we like that aspect of it. When the system is under full load, we can feel heat waft up from the rear vents and out of the system.

Do all Dell laptops have backlit keyboard?

Depending on the model of your Dell computer and the features that are installed, it may or may not have a backlit keyboard. The easiest way to determine whether your computer is equipped with a backlit keyboard is to look at the F10, F6, or right arrow key (located in the lower right-hand corner).