Does Christian Troy marry Kimber?

Does Christian Troy marry Kimber?

In the second half of the sixth season, Kimber is now working as an interior decorator, overseeing the remodeling of the McNamara/Troy practice. She is also married to Christian, but suspects that he has been sleeping with another designer working on the project.

Does Christian Troy have a child?

Christian Troy

Dr. Christian Troy
Children Matt McNamara (son with Julia McNamara) Emme Lowell (daughter) Wilber Sutherland (adoptive son) Unnamed Child (via artificial insemnation with Liz Cruz (aborted) Unnamed Child (with Kimber Henry, aborted)
Relatives Jenna McNamara (granddaughter)

Is Christian Troy Matt’s father?

Character history. Matthew “Matt” McNamara, was raised as the son of Julia and Sean McNamara, although his biological father is Christian Troy, a man he regards as an uncle.

What happened to Gina on Nip Tuck?

In their final encounter, Christian and Gina begin to have sex on the roof of a building. However, while engaging in intercourse on a rooftop, Christian accidentally pushes Gina off the rooftop, killing her.

Is Matt Christian’s son in Nip Tuck?

Matthew Jonathan McNamara, was raised as the son of Julia and Sean McNamara, although his biological father is Christian Troy, a man he regards as an uncle. Matt has one younger maternal half-sister, Annie and a younger maternal half-brother, Conor.

Is Adrian really Ava’s son?

Adrian Moore is the son of Ava Moore and Dr. Barrett Moore. He was living in Miami with his mother. The two of them were having a sexual relationship and he became obsessed with his mom.

Does Sean and Julia get back together?

This finally tears Sean and Julia’s tumultuous marriage apart and they get divorced. In Season 3, Julia and Gina Russo open up De La Mer. She also goes into a brief relationship with Quentin Costa, who also becomes temporarily employed by Julia at De La Mer.

How did Christian and Kimber’s relationship start?

She introduced herself as a model and had little to no interest in Christian, until he told her he was a plastic surgeon. Christian took Kimber back to his penthouse and the two engaged in a wild sexual encounter. Afterwards, Christian told Kimber that he could transform her “from an 8 to a 10” with plastic surgery.

Who is Kim Troy on Nip/Tuck?

Kimberly “Kimber” Henry Troy is a fictional character on the FX American television series Nip/Tuck, portrayed by Kelly Carlson . Kimber is a one-time model, pornographic actress, and pornography director and producer.

Why did Christian kick Kimber out of his apartment?

When nearly killing himself while performing the act, Christian has a moment of clarity in which he realizes that he can never love Kimber the way she needs to be loved and that he was meant to be alone. He kicks her out of his apartment and she, after talking with Sean, goes back to be with Mike on his boat.

What kind of character is Christian Troy?

Christian Troy is the “marketable” sex-appeal half of McNamara/Troy. He is a good-looking man known for his womanizing ways. The character is eventually shown to have a vulnerable side beneath his callous exterior, however. In one episode, he confesses that he was molested as a child by his foster father.