Does a horizontal meniscus tear need surgery?

Does a horizontal meniscus tear need surgery?

But most horizontal, long-standing, and degenerative tears—those caused by years of wear and tear—can’t be fixed. For these kinds of tears, you may need to have part or all of the meniscus removed. You may want to have surgery if your knee pain is too great or if you are unable to do daily activities.

Can a horizontal meniscus tear be repaired?

Purpose: Despite the well-documented advantages of meniscal repair over meniscectomy, horizontal cleavage tears (HCTs) are often not repaired. Reported reasons include difficulty performing the repair, potential suture failure due to mechanical stresses, and poor healing rates.

What is a horizontal tear of the lateral meniscus?

Sometimes a lateral meniscus will have a split in the middle, called a horizontal tear, whereby fluid can leak out through the joint lining. This fluid can accumulate over time and almost be a jelly-like substance. This is called a lateral meniscal cyst or a parameniscal cyst.

Is a horizontal meniscus tear bad?

Leaving a horizontal meniscus tear within your knee increases your risk of arthritis and the eventual need for knee replacement surgery.

What is a horizontal oblique tear?

Oblique tears combine features of radial and longitudinal tears in that they lie perpendicular to the free edge of the meniscus but then curve such that a portion of it lies parallel to the c-shaped fibers of the meniscus.

What causes horizontal meniscus tear?

A torn meniscus can result from any activity that causes you to forcefully twist or rotate your knee, such as aggressive pivoting or sudden stops and turns. Even kneeling, deep squatting or lifting something heavy can sometimes lead to a torn meniscus.

What causes horizontal meniscal tear?

How do you treat a horizontal meniscus tear?

Meniscectomy is the most commonly applied method for treatment of horizontal meniscus tears [7]. In a meta-analysis, no difference was reported in a comparison of the outcomes of horizontal meniscus tears which had been repaired and those which had not been repaired [15].

Is horizontal meniscus tear bad?

It is located near the outer edge of the meniscus and has the best healing potential. So, If a horizontal tear is within the vascular portion of the meniscus, repair may be a good option. 7 However, when located more centrally, these tears will not heal, even if repaired.