Do Sun Woo and Bong soon end up together?

Do Sun Woo and Bong soon end up together?

Soon-ae’s father proudly and affectionately calls Bong-sun his “second daughter.” Bong-sun, now daring and expressive even without her ghost friend, is shown as being in a happy relationship with Sun-woo as the show closes to a finale.

Is Kim Hyun Ji in a coma?

Chun-sang and In-rang find him there and carry him into the hospital again. Hyun-ji wakes to find a crowd of relieved faces around her — nurses, her doctor, and both of her parents. Her mother tells her that she’s been in a coma for five years, but she doesn’t remember anything about her accident.

What episode does Hyun Ji remember Bong pal?


Episode Title Aired
Episode 11 “Hyun Ji Starts to Remember” August 15, 2016
Bong Pal and In Rang have a hard time committing to work. Hyun Ji gains more memories and unwittingly puts herself in danger.
Episode 12 “Hyun Ji Wakes Up from a Coma” August 16, 2016

What is the ending of bring it on ghost?

tvN’s ‘Bring It On, Ghost’ finished in happy ending. Thanks to Monk Myeong-cheol’s vigorous fight with the evil ghost, Joo Hye-seong (Kwon Yul) could realize all of his evil deeds in the past and have time to repent.

Why can park Bong-PAL see ghosts?

He has been possessed on his will by a powerful evil spirit for so long that it is almost impossible to discern the difference between the two. Before possessing Hye-sung, the spirit had tried to possess the young Bong-pal, and the fragment of the spirit that remains in Bong-pal is the reason he can see ghosts.

How many episodes does bring it on Ghost have?

16Bring it on, Ghost / Number of episodes

Why can park Bong PAL see ghosts?

What app can i watch Let’s Fight Ghost?

Watch Let’s Fight Ghost | Netflix.

Who does Bong pal end up with in Bring It On Ghost?

Bong-pal is a 23-year-old Economics student and he lived with an exorcist. He can see and interact with ghosts, whom he beats up into leaving their haunts. Due to his ability, he grew up avoiding people and was always a loner before he met and fell in love with Hyun-ji.

Is Lets Fight Ghost a remake?

Production. In March 2016, tvN announced that they would be adapting and producing a drama version of Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight, a popular 2007–2010 manhwa by Im In-seu, under the same title.

Does the monk died in Bring It On Ghost?

Bong-pal begs him to wake up, but the monk’s eyes remain closed. But just as Bong-pal dissolves into tears, Myung-chul gasps, “Bong-pal-ah.” He’s alive! The monk asks for help up, and drags himself over to Hye-sung’s body.

Is Hyun-Ji a ghost in Bring It On, Ghost?

He exorcises ghosts for money, but he can only take out the weak ones. On one occasion, he receives a call to a girls’ high school where he meets Hyun-ji, a wandering ghost searching for memories about her identity and death.