Do plastic window well covers work?

Do plastic window well covers work?

The plastic is thin enough to be cost-effective and prevent some water and debris from entering the well. Yet the plastic, being so thin, is not conducive to supporting the weight of an animal or child. These types of covers are not great for high traffic areas despite their initial low price tag.

Are window well covers required by code?

Although not required, window well covers are especially important if the space around the ground level opening is along a walkway or near a children’s play area. Window well covers, however, can block sunlight, ventilation and emergency egress, especially if they become covered in snow and ice.

Can you build a deck over a basement window well?

Short answer Yes, you can build a deck over a basement window. Depending on the height and size of the deck, it will impact your basement. A deck over a window will shade the window, limiting basement sunlight.

What year did egress windows become mandatory?

According to Jerry McCarthy, a former building code/construction consultant, the requirement that basement bedrooms have egress windows became part of the International Residential Code in 1997.

How do I install an egress window?

Steps Find out how large your egress window needs to be. Measure and mark your cut on the inside wall of your basement with a grease pencil. Build a temporary support frame inside the basement. Hang plastic sheeting along the frame to contain dust. Drill a pilot hole in the center of the bottom cutting line.

Do you have to have an egress window in a walkout basement?

A: State law requires that all finished basements must have means of egress (a way to get out of the basement other than using the stairs). If you have a walkout basement you already meet the requirement. If you do not have a walkout basement, an egress window will need to be installed.

Do I need window well covers?

Window well covers do not stop window wells from filling with water; they keep debris from getting into the window well and clogging the drain. A properly sized and secured window well cover will prevent leaves, grass clippings and other landscape waste from filling the window well and clogging its drain.

What is a window cover?

Window coverings are material used to cover a window to manage sunlight, to provide additional weatherproofing, to ensure privacy or sometimes security, or for purely decorative purposes.