Did Tywin know that it was Arya?

Did Tywin know that it was Arya?

Some fans have wondered if Tywin was ever suspicious of her true identity and realized she was a Stark, but this is unlikely. He never would have passed up the chance to use her as a hostage or bargaining chip against Robb had he realized who she really was.

Why did Tywin let Arya eat?

Tywin believes someone is trying to assassinate him so he lets Arya eat the mutton thinking it might be poison.

Does Arya hate Tywin?

I think if they were going with this plot line they should have had Jaqen say something to this effect. TL;DR: Arya saw Tywin as the only person keeping her from being in the hands of a vengeful Mountain. Killing Tywin would have put her life in immediate danger, something she just wasn’t up for at the time.

Did Tywin know Tyrion was innocent?

Tywin didn’t care if Tyrion was innocent or guilty. Tyrion was guilty of being a dwarf and as a result when people mocked him, they mocked a lannister.

Did tywin sleep with Shae?

Shae was thought to have loved Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones until she betrayed him for his manipulative father, Tywin Lannister. Initially introduced as a prostitute, Shae quickly became Tyrion’s mistress after the two began a secret romantic relationship.

Did Tywin know about Joffrey?

Tywin knows exactly who killed Joffrey. Tywin Lannister has many flaws, but a lack of political acumen isn’t one of them. The murder of Joffrey is a political situation; Tywin can read it. Tywin knows that Tyrion is fairly politically astute; Tywin knows that killing Joffrey doesn’t do anything helpful for Tyrion.

Did Tywin really hate Tyrion?

Originally Answered: Why did Tywin hate Tyrion? Because his father Tywin believed that his son Tyrion is the reason of the death of his wife while giving birth to him—Cersei also blamed his youngest brother too. Also, he’s a dwarf. He is regarded as a disgrace to the family, a curse to the house Lannister.

Why did Jaime not fight for Tyrion?

Jaime would not do it because he is useless as a fighter, and he doesn’t want to die. Jaime doesn’t want to take sides and have the wrath of his father and Cersei upon him. Keep in mind that at that point Jaime didn’t know about Cersei’s infidelities and her playing him all his life.

Why does Shay sleep with Tywin?

It seems Varys planted Shae with Tywin on purpose to enrage Tyrion, so that he would kill Tywin. And yes, Varys was planning on having Tywin killed at some point, and freeing Tyrion regardless of what Jaime did.

How is Tyrion a Targaryen?

Tyrion was believed to be the youngest son of Tywin and Joanna, two cousins within House Lannister. During Aerys’ reign, Tywin, the Head of House Lannister, served as the Hand of the King. Despite the evidence, Tyrion was never revealed to be a secret Targaryen, at least in the TV series.

Did Arya know Tywin was Tywin’s cupbearer in game of Thrones?

Arya disguised herself as a cupbearer to Tywin Lannister during Game Of Thrones season 2, but did he or Littlefinger ever realize her true identity? Game Of Thrones is HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy book series A Song Of Ice And Fire.

Is there a Tywin and Arya AU story?

Multiple chaptered AU story that will focus on Tywin & Arya. The renowned FBI profiler Tywin Lannister enlists the help of notorious Serial Killer Arya Stark to hunt down another rampaging killer that murdered his family. Set in the Silence of the Lambs Universe. That I must bow so low? Winterfell. King’s Landing. Kingsroad. Harrenhal.

Who is Arya Lannister?

Lady Arya Lannister- yes Lannister, not Stark- is the new wife of the patriarch of House Lannister, Tywin. Let’s just say that once they move to King’s Landing, there are some, like Tywin’s adult children, who are not convinced that this was a good idea. This is something I would normally put in Anon, but hey, what the hell. 5 /?

Does Tywin marry Arya Stark?

Instead, Lord Tywin marries him to Arya Stark of Winterfell, who was under his service for two years at Harrenhal. The Lannister line in peril, and with his grandson still a child, the duty to sire an heir falls to Lord Tywin.