Did someone jump Tower Bridge in a bus?

Did someone jump Tower Bridge in a bus?

You would be forgiven for thinking the legend of the London bus that jumped the gap on Tower Bridge as it opened was made up. But, believe it or not, it actually happened. Bus driver Albert Gunter became an unlikely hero in December 1952 when he was behind the wheel of the number 78 from Shoreditch to Dulwich.

Why did a bus jump Tower Bridge?

Back in the 1950s, a watchman was supposed to ring a warning bell and close the gates before Tower Bridge opened, but on that particular day, he somehow forgot to do so. Slamming his foot down on the accelerator, Gunter managed to jump the rising bascule.

Which vehicle had a problem on Tower Bridge in 1952?

On 30th December 1952, an incident described as ‘1 in 150,000’ by the Daily Mail occurred when Tower Bridge began to open with a no. 78 double decker bus on it.

Which bus goes over Tower Bridge?

Bus. The following bus routes will take you to Tower Bridge: 15, 42, 78,100, 343.

Can you jump from Tower Bridge?

The staple of the true adrenaline junkie, you do not acquire that title first having completed a bungee jump! Before you know it, it’s just you and a huge open drop.

When was Tower Bridge built?

June 21, 1886
Tower Bridge/Construction started

How often does Tower Bridge open?

around 800 times a year
How often does Tower Bridge open? On average, Tower Bridge opens its bascules around 800 times a year, that’s around twice a day. You’d be forgive for thinking that’s a lot of Bridge Lifts. However, in 1894, Tower Bridge’s first year of operation, the bascules were lifted 6,194 times.

Can you drive over Tower Bridge?

A tweet from the popular landmark’s official page said: ‘Tower Bridge has now fully reopened to all traffic.

Is it illegal to jump into Thames?

A new by-law has banned people from swimming in the River Thames without prior permission from the Port of London Authority (PLA). But the river is potentially dangerous, with tides, strong currents, and whirlpools.

Can you jump off London Bridge and survive?

There’s a Small Chance You’ll Survive Hines was extraordinarily lucky, because “the odds of surviving a jump from the bridge are roughly the same as surviving a gunshot wound to your head.” Research shows that the “most survivable body orientation” for such a jump is a feet-first impact with your arms over your head.

Why was Tower Bridge closed in 1910?

Key dates. 1886 – The construction of Tower Bridge began on 22 April. 1910 – The high-level Walkways, which were designed so that the public could still cross the Bridge when it was raised, were closed due to lack of use.

What happened to the bus that jumped Tower Bridge?

The Bus That Jumped Tower Bridge. It was a normal shift for Albert Gunter on 30th December 1952 and he was on his usual route, the number 78, approaching Tower Bridge. But on this fateful day there was a fault with the warning lights and without any notice, the bus became trapped on the North arm of the Bridge as it started to lift.

What happened to Albert Gunter after Tower Bridge incident?

The aftermath of the Tower Bridge incident saw Albert Gunter becoming something of a minor celebrity. He received £10 from London Transport and £35 from the City of London for his speed of thought that saved so many lives.

How did Albert jump from the top of the bridge?

With no other option, Albert astutely and bravely moved down two gears, slammed on the accelerator, and jumped the 3-6 foot gap across the water below, landing on the lower piece of road on the other side which was slower to rise. Amazingly, out of 20 passengers, no one was seriously injured.

How many times has Tower Bridge been raised?

Considering that Tower Bridge had been raised over 300,000 times before this incident, it is perhaps more amazing that this was the only time such an accident had occurred. Well, almost. In 1943 a van driver failed to see the warning light and crashed into a bascule.