Did Shaun White compete in the 2014 Olympics?

Did Shaun White compete in the 2014 Olympics?

Shaun White, the 2006 and 2010 Olympic champion in snowboard halfpipe, rode into the Sochi Olympics aiming to make history two times over: by becoming the first U.S. man to win gold in the same event at three consecutive Winter Olympics, and by claiming the first-ever gold medal in the snowboard slopestyle event, which …

Who is the best Olympic snowboarders?

Shaun White
Philipp Schoch of Switzerland, Shaun White of the United States and Seth Wescott of the United States are the only double gold medalists. Karine Ruby of France and Americans Ross Powers and Danny Kass also won two medals.

Who won the 2014 Winter Olympics?

The 2014 Sochi Olympics is in the books. Russia finished on top of the overall medal count with 33 medals. They also won the most gold medals with 13. The U.S. finished with 28 medals (2nd overall) and nine golds (4th overall).

Did Shaun White win gold 2014?

On his third run, White won gold. White missed out on a medal back in 2014, when he was hurt at the Sochi Games. He’s now the only snowboarder ever to win three gold medals at the Olympics. And he did it by winning the 100th gold medal for the U.S. Winter Olympic team.

What happened to Shaun White in 2014?

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — Shaun White lost to a kid they call “I-Pod,” and now, he may never hear the end of it. How big of an Olympic shocker was this? White, the best snowboarder of his era and one of the best-known and best-marketed athletes at the Sochi Games, didn’t even win a medal. He finished fourth.

Who are the top 10 snowboarders in the world?

Frank Bourgeois.

  • Torstein Horgmo.
  • Anna Gasser.
  • Gretchen Bleiler.
  • Shaun Palmer.
  • Silje Norendal.
  • Kevin Jones.
  • Elena Hight. The first rider ever to land a double alley-oop backside rodeo in the SuperPipe, Elena Hight sits at #16 on the Most Snowboard Medals list with 1 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze in SuperPipe.
  • Who are famous snowboarders?

    Top 3 Influential Snowboarders

    • Jake Burton. Every snowboarder has an opinion on Burton as a company.
    • Terje Haakonsen. Given the previous entry, it will be no surprise that one of Jake Burton’s team riders makes it into the number two position.
    • Shaun White. Shaun White is arguably snowboarding’s first global superstar.