Did Chantel Giacalone know she had a peanut allergy?

Did Chantel Giacalone know she had a peanut allergy?

Chantel had a severe peanut allergy, but while modelling at the MAGIC fashion trade show in Las Vegas in February 2013 she was offered a frozen yoghurt topped with a peanut butter-infused pretzel by her friend Tara Retes. Tara was unaware of Chantel’s allergy, while Chantel was left clueless about the ingredients.

What happened Chantel Giacalone?

In February 2013, Chantel Giacalone took a bite out of a pretzel infused with peanut butter while in Las Vegas for a convention. Afterward, the then-27-year-old aspiring actress and model went into anaphylactic shock.

Who gave Chantel Giacalone the pretzel?

I’m happy about that,” her father, Jack Giacalone, said after the verdict was read. On Feb. 20, 2013, then-27-year-old Giacalone was modeling clothes at a fashion trade show at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center when her friend bought her frozen yogurt and put a bite-size pretzel on top.

What is the latest treatment for peanut allergy?

The treatment, known as Palforzia, helps to reduce the severity of reactions to peanuts – including anaphylaxis – making family holidays abroad, birthday parties, and Christmas treats possible for some children for the first time. Patients receive a monthly dose, enabling tolerance to be carefully built over time.

Can anaphylaxis cause brain damage?

In addition, the body responds to the allergen by releasing chemicals such as histamines that cause swelling of the skin, a red rash, and severe itching. Complications of anaphylactic shock can include brain damage, kidney failure, and/or death.

What is a anaphylactic shock?

Anaphylaxis causes the immune system to release a flood of chemicals that can cause you to go into shock — blood pressure drops suddenly and the airways narrow, blocking breathing. Signs and symptoms include a rapid, weak pulse; a skin rash; and nausea and vomiting.

What happened to the lady that ate a pretzel?

Chantel Giacalone was a model and aspiring actress when she suffered brain damage after eating a peanut-butter pretzel. After ingesting the pretzel, Chantel went into an anaphylactic shock, the New York Post reported.

How do they get peanut butter in pretzels?

It’s a process called co-extrusion — basically, an outer tube pumps out pretzel dough, while an inner tube pumps out peanut butter filling onto a conveyor belt. The whole thing is then sliced up and baked in a giant 100-foot oven.

Is there a cure to peanut allergy?

There is no cure for peanut allergies. Palforzia is a type of oral immunotherapy that is approved for use in treating peanut allergies. It is a daily medication that may reduce symptoms in some people who have a peanut allergy.

What is viaskin?

Viaskin is the company’s immunotherapy platform that aims to desensitize a patient with a food allergy by introducing small quantities of allergen via the skin.

What are two signs of anaphylaxis?

Signs and symptoms include:

  • Skin reactions, including hives and itching and flushed or pale skin.
  • Low blood pressure (hypotension)
  • Constriction of the airways and a swollen tongue or throat, which can cause wheezing and trouble breathing.
  • A weak and rapid pulse.
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Dizziness or fainting.

What are the chances of dying from anaphylactic shock?

It is life-threatening and involves the whole body. Between 1 percent and 15 percent of the population of the United States can be considered at risk for having an anaphylactic reaction when exposed to one or more allergens. Of those people who experience anaphylaxis, up to 1 percent die.

What happened to Chantel Giacalone?

Then-27-year-old Chantel Giacalone went into anaphylactic shock after biting into a pretzel infused with peanut butter while in Las Vegas for a convention, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Friday. Giacalone, an aspiring actor, had roles in “The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations” and the web series “Hollow Walls.”

What happened to the model who was allergic to pretzels?

The family of a model who was left brain-damaged after having a serious allergic reaction to a peanut butter-infused pretzel was awarded nearly $30 million by a Las Vegas jury.

What will Chantel’s parents do with the money from her lawsuit?

Her parents provide Chantel with 24-hour care. They said the money from the lawsuit will be invested in her future care and a new home that is more conducive to her needs.

What happened to Olivia Giacalone?

Giacalone’s lawyer, Christian Morris, said the aspiring actress went without oxygen for several minutes after seeking treatment from MedicWest Ambulance personnel, who were stationed at the convention center. RELATED: Victoria’s Secret Model Sues After She Was Allegedly ‘Massacred’ by Bedbugs at California Hotel