Did Beast Mode cause an earthquake?

Did Beast Mode cause an earthquake?

Sure enough, it had registered seismic activity during the run, an effect from the tens of thousands of fans jumping up and down in celebration. In short, the fan reaction from Lynch’s touchdown registered as a man-made earthquake. The Beast Quake was an earthquake, but it was also a foreshock of what was to come.

Did Marshawn Lynch run cause an earthquake?

Usually it doesn’t. This time, it did. The sustained fervor inspired by Lynch’s 67-yard scamper reached a peak acceleration of roughly 1/20,000th of a G, and a peak motion of 1/100th of a millimeter — registering as a highly localized magnitude 1 or 2 earthquake.

Is Beast Quake the best run ever?

The NFL recently released its list of the greatest rushing plays of all time and clocking in at No. 1 is Marshawn Lynch’s famous “Beast Quake” run in the Wild Card game against the New Orleans Saints in the 2010-11 postseason that clinched the 41-36 victory for the Seattle Seahawks.

What year was the Beast Quake run?

The bulldoze, the stiff-arm, the crotch grab… in all, the legendary Seahawks running back broke nine tackles during the course of a 67-yard touchdown run en route to Seattle’s underdog victory over the reigning New Orleans Saints on Jan. 8, 2011.

What quarter did beast quake happen?

Occurring in the fourth quarter while Seattle was up by four points, Lynch rushed for 67-yards and broke nine tackles to score the go-ahead touchdown, which secured the Seahawks’ eventual 41–36 victory.

What quarter did Beast Quake happen?

Why is it called the Beast Quake?

The play’s name derives from Lynch’s nickname “Beast Mode” and the subsequent celebration of Seahawks fans registering on a nearby seismograph.

When did Marshawn Lynch get drafted?

December 24, 2019Seattle Seahawks
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What is the Beast Quake?

The Beast Quake was an American football play that took place during a 2010 NFC Wild Card playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the visiting New Orleans Saints, then the defending Super Bowl champions.

How did Beast Mode get its name?

The play’s name comes from Lynch’s nickname, “Beast Mode”, and the fact that, during and after the play, the impact of Seattle fans jumping up and down in celebration was so intense that it registered on a nearby seismograph. The Saints came into the game as the 5th-seeded wild card in the NFC.

Why is Marshawn Lynch called Beast Mode?

On the field, “Beast Mode” earned his legendary nickname for putting his head down and trucking defenders. When Lynch imposed his will and stared at a player from behind that signature dark helmet visor, that’s when you knew he was about to pull off a breathtaking, video game-like run.

What is the earthquake game?

Earthquake Game, a 1988 college football game in which crowd reactions also registered on a seismograph. ^ “One year ago, Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Earthquake”. PNSN. Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.