Can you use scaffold boards outside?

Can you use scaffold boards outside?

The wood is very popular thanks to its sturdy and robust appearance. For you, as a do-it-yourselfer, scaffolding wood is a lovely material to work with because it’s easily transformed into furniture, or other objects, for indoors and outdoors. Scaffolding wood is easy to work with.

What wood is used for scaffold boards?

European Whitewood
European Whitewood is is a medium density soft wood which is low in weight. It is sturdy and long lasting and therefore suitable for load baring uses, hence the use as scaffolding boards.

How far can a scaffold board span?

Correct support span (1.2 m max or 1.5 m max for 38 mm boards, and 2.5 m max for 63 mm boards).

What are Grade A scaffold boards?

Grade A boards are made from “normal” sawmill production, which typically contains between 5% and 10% of “reject” boards. As these boards have not passed British Standard BS 2482: 2009 they should be inspected before use to ensure that they appropriate.

Do scaffold boards rot?

Fungal decay, usually wet rot, is common in poorly stored scaffold boards. Wood is vulnerable to attack when the moisture content is over 20%. It can be detected by discolouration of the wood, which also becomes softer.

Can scaffold boards be used for decking?

When scaffold boards are used for scaffolding purposes, they actually come with a relatively short lifespan. These secondhand boards are therefore relatively cheap to buy since they can’t be used for scaffolding and they make the perfect budget-friendly option for decking.

Can you sand scaffold boards?

The sanding process As with most used scaffold boards there’s likely to be spilt build materials splattered all over them, if so, you can probably just scrape these off with a wallpaper scraper or chisel. Sanding can be completed before or after joining the boards.

Why do scaffold boards have end bands?

Our scaffolding board end bands are used with scaffold boards to stop the ends of the timber from splitting. These are great to add an industrial effect for shelving or other furniture when cutting down our scaffolding boards or using with our timber boards.

Can I use scaffold boards for decking?

Unless you’re certain they’re treated (and yes, you can buy treated scaffold boards!), in order to use them outside long-term, you will need to treat them. And if you don’t and they’re not treated, well don’t expect them to hold up for nearly as long as decking would.

Why are scaffold boards banded?

Are scaffold boards softwood or hardwood?

Although it is softwood, scaffolding wood comes in thick planks that make sturdy furniture. If it is not treated with glues, finishes and paints, scaffolding wood can be recycled into engineered wood products or fuel.

Do scaffold boards warp?

We make furniture from all sorts of traditional furniture making timber (which need no explanation)… but the reclaimed scaffolding boards, which have become a big trend recently, are unusual and need a bit of explanation, so here goes…. They are always warped and twisted…

What are the offshore scaffolding materials in Wellmade?

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What are the UKCS requirements for (UKCS) offshore scaffolding?

Recognising there are specific requirements relating to (UKCS) offshore scaffolding, e.g. 3 x guardrails, scaffold life expectancy, weather exposure & methods of working. This document has been compiled with the aim of providing further guidance not covered within NASC TG20:13 for offshore operations.

What is cuplock offshore scaffolding?

Cuplock offshore scaffold system elements include cuplock verticals, cuplock ledgers, cuplock braces, cuplock brackets, and hop up, etc. Wellmade’s offshore scaffolding materials and products are able to satisfy all purpose of your offshore scaffolding requirement.