Can you trade your teammates in MyCareer?

Can you trade your teammates in MyCareer?

If you already started your NBA 2K22 MyCareer and are unsatisfied with how your teammates have been performing, you can always request your team to trade you. To do that, you have to have played in at least 10 matches and the request must be submitted before the trading deadline, which is before the All-Star Weekend.

How do you request a trade in NBA 2K16?

Now once you are in the gym training room, where you can shootaround prior to progressing in the season, press start and scroll down until you have reached the option to request a trade. Once there press the X/A button and then you will be asked what team you have the most interest in.

Can your Myplayer get traded?

Trade requests are built into the story of MyCareer, and it works just about the same for both old and current generations. You can force a trade in your very first season. But, you need to do something before then. First, you will need to become a starter, which can be done in current-gen by completing several quests.

When can you influence trades in MyCAREER?

How to Unlock Influence Trade in MyCAREER. Before you can start telling your GM what to do you need to unlock the ability to Influence Trades. To do this advance through the season until you unlock the The Drama: Trade Rumors side quest. This side quest starts with a video by Kendrick Perkins.

What happens if I request a trade?

Once the trade is requested, the option to talk to the agent will eventually become available after a few games. During this cutscene, players can select the team they would like to go to. This will include the player’s potential salary and team interest.

How long does it take to get traded in 2k22?

Trading is built into the story, and players must wait for a specific cutscene with their manager to initiate the trading process. This will not happen until after the first 10 games when the character becomes a starter.

What happens if you request a trade in 2k22?

Why can’t I request a trade 2k22?

The feature is not available yet because you have to have other teams interested in having you on their team. That’s probably why you haven’t seen the option and are wondering how to request trade in 2k22.