Can you take a cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii?

Can you take a cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii?

2022 departure: March 27. 15-day cruise to Hawaii on Carnival Cruise Line. Round-trip from San Francisco to Kauai (Hawaii), Honolulu (Hawaii), Maui (Hawaii), Hilo (Hawaii) and Ensenada (Mexico).

How long is boat ride from San Francisco to Hawaii?

It takes roughly 25 days to sail to from San Francisco to Hawaii. It’s roughly 2,500 nautical miles. High-performance boats may be able to reach Hawaii within 1-2 weeks. The exact time depends on your route.

What cruise line goes around Hawaiian Islands?

Norwegian Cruise Line
Many cruises begin, stop or end in Hawaii, but only one encompasses the Hawaiian Islands from start to finish, the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Pride of America.

How long does it take to get from California to Hawaii by cruise ship?

A cruise only within the Hawaiian Islands sailing round trip Honolulu is the shortest (and only) seven night option, while any cruise from California to Hawaii will take at least 15 nights due to the islands’ remote location.

Can you get to Hawaii without flying?

Rail-sea connection lets travelers visit islands on a leisurely cruise. Each spring and fall, this route gives travelers the opportunity to visit Hawaii’s four major islands for 12 days, enjoy nine days at sea, and take a two-day train trip along the Pacific Coast — all without ever once visiting an airport.

Can you take a cruise ship from California to Hawaii?

If you don’t mind spending several consecutive days at sea, Princess, Carnival and Holland America all offer 15-night (or longer) cruises from California to Hawaii. Some luxury lines call on the Hawaiian Islands, but usually as part of a longer, multi-destination itinerary.

What is the best time to cruise to Hawaii?

Low or Shoulder Season Shoulder season or off-season for Hawaii cruises takes place between May and June, and again in September through mid-December. If you want to enjoy an affordable Hawaiian vacation with glorious weather, the shoulder season is the best time of year to sail to Hawaii.

What is the best cruise line in Hawaii?

San Diego, Seattle, Vancouver, Honolulu . Royal Caribbean International. It’s the overall best Hawaiian cruise line in the mid-priced category. Royal Caribbean is well-geared for families cruising with children and teens because it has a laudable assortment of facilities and organized activities for them.

Is there a cruise terminal in San Francisco?

San Francisco cruise port terminal is located at the western end of San Francisco Bay in the midway between the Fisherman’s Wharf and the Bay Bridge. It is along San Francisco City’s waterfront ( Embarcadero ) at Pier 35 .

How long is cruise from SF to Hawaii?

Cruise Lines That Sail from San Francisco to Hawaii. The Celebrity and Carnival both offer 15 day cruises to Hawaii. Holland America Cruise lines offer cruises from 14 to 60 days in length.