Can you make your own socks?

Can you make your own socks?

Making your own socks is really satisfying and allows you to design them to your own taste. Sew your socks using stretchy fabric or knit them out of your favourite wool. Both these methods allow you to tailor the socks to your own foot size, which ensures that they fit snugly.

How much do custom socks cost?

Wholesale Pricing

QTY Custom Athletic Socks Custom Knee High Socks
1+ Pairs $19.95 ea $24.95 ea
12+ Pairs $12.50 ea $14.20 ea
24+ Pairs $11.00 ea $13.70 ea
36+ Pairs $9.50 ea $12.95 ea

Which material is best for socks?

Best sock materials for every need

Need Best sock material
Comfort and cushioning Cotton, Wool, Merino, Cashmere, Bamboo
Durability Cotton, Bamboo, Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Polypropylene
Sweat and wick moisture Bamboo, Cotton, (some) Polyester, Polypropylene
Insulation and warmth Wool, Merino, Cashmere, Cotton

Can you print images on socks?

Dye sublimation makes it possible for socks that are made of 100% nylon stretch yarn or blended materials to display high-resolution images. Ordering professionally printed socks is the best way to guarantee that socks are made of the best material for any printing method.

Are socks a personal gift?

Socks offer something for everyone. Socks are a deeply personal gift, believe it or not, because you can often find styles that celebrate even the most oddly specific interests you can think of.

Can socks be screen printed?

That’s right, you can get your custom socks screen printed. The sublimation printing process will work for socks just as well as shirts or anything fabric. With modern computer aided design any image can be transferred to a special sheet which is then heat pressed at 400 degrees F to your custom socks!

What is the margin on socks?

For normal apparel, gross margins are 50%. Gross margins on socks can be 60%.

How to make custom socks?

Step 1. Start with your materials.. More fashion innovation is involved in sock making than you probably thought! The…

  • Step 2. Choose your length.. When it comes to length, there are so many different types of socks with lengths ranging…
  • Step 3. Determine your sizing.. Socks make great corporate gifts for many reasons, but one of our…
  • How to work out your size for socks?

    Part 1 of 2: Measure your Foot at Home Tape a piece of paper down to the floor. You are going to trace an outline of your foot to measure, so avoid doing this on carpet or any Place your foot firmly on top of the piece of paper. Your leg should be bent slightly and your shin should be in front of your ankle. Draw the outline of your foot all the way around.

    How to size hockey socks?

    Hockey sock sizing is about as easy as it gets: it’s simply measured as the length of the sock . The sock will run from your ankle to about 75% of the way up your thigh (to meet the Velcro tabs on your jock). Since socks are simply measured according to length most brands do not have a “youth” or “adult” size.

    How do you put on socks?

    Put the sock on your foot, by putting both thumbs inside the top of the sock. Use your fingers to bundle it up on your thumbs until until it is down to the bottom of the toe of the sock. Be very careful. You do not want to put the sock on the wrong body part.