Can you learn French for free in Montreal?

Can you learn French for free in Montreal?

The Quebec government is very (very) passionate about its residents speaking French, and to that end, the Ministry of Immigration offers free part- and full-time French language courses, as well as specialized courses designed for specific fields of employment.

Who is eligible for free French courses in Quebec?

Anyone holding an immigration status, regardless of how long they have lived in Québec, can take a free full-time French course and obtain financial assistance offered for participating in this course. Prior to this, only immigrants living in Québec for less than five years were eligible.

How can I practice French in Montreal?

Here are our top 10 (mostly) free ways to learn French in Montréal.

  1. The Language Laboratory at the BaNQ (FREE)
  2. Conversation Exchange (FREE)
  3. Ministry of Immigration — Classroom Courses (FREE)
  4. Ministry of Immigration — Digital Courses (FREE)
  5. Mundo Lingo (FREE)
  6. Explore Bursary Program (FREE)
  7. Meetup Montréal (FREE)

Does Canada pay to learn French?

You can take government-funded classes to improve your language skills in English or French if you are an adult: permanent resident, or. protected person.

Does Canadian government pay for learning French?

How much Quebec pay for French?

Full-time French classes are offered in-person at the beginner and intermediate levels, for 25 or 30 hours per week. The financial compensation for these courses has been increased to CAD $185 per week. Previously immigrants were compensated $141 per week.

Can you learn French for free in Canada?

Language classes are free and available for permanent residents and protected persons. Learn about and register for language instruction for newcomers to Canada ( LINC ) program for English. Learn about and register for programme de cours de langue pour les immigrants au Canada ( CLIC ) program for French.

What is the YMCA International Language School?

The YMCA International Language School is the official testing centre for the TFI, the TOEIC, the SIELE and the BRIGHT Language, which are internationally recognized French and English language proficiency tests. SIELE et BRIGHT Language

What is the YMCA virtual campus?

With our virtual campus, you can take your language courses from the comfort of your own home! Following the latest government announcements, the YMCA International Language School is temporarily closed. All courses will still take place. Thanks to our virtual campus, they will be held online, so you can learn right from the comfort of home.

How do I contact YM calangues?

You may contact us by email as well, at: [email protected]. Do you want to learn or improve your second language? Our dynamic team of professional teachers certified to teach languages is here for you.