Can you eat fast food if you have diabetes?

Can you eat fast food if you have diabetes?

Fast foods are not the best option for people with diabetes, as they offer a number of foods high in sugar, salt, and fat. Even healthier options are often still highly processed. People should check their blood sugar 2 hours after a fast food meal to see how it has affected them.

What takeout can a diabetic eat?

The Best Diabetes-Friendly Takeout Orders When You Don’t Want to Cook

  • The Best Takeout for People With Diabetes. Dmitriy Podlipayev/Alamy.
  • Chinese: Steamed Chicken and Broccoli. Thinkstock.
  • Italian: Thin-Crust Vegetable Pizza and Caesar Salad. Thinkstock.
  • Japanese: Miso Soup, Sushi, and Seaweed Salad. Darren Muir/Stocksy.

Can diabetics eat hamburgers?

This fast-food staple may be a diabetes risk factor for you. A study published in February 2010 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that African-American women who eat hamburgers in a restaurant two or more times a week are much more likely to receive a diabetes diagnosis than those who do not.

What kind of pizza can diabetics eat?

Pizza may actually be a good choice for people with type 2 diabetes; just be sure to order the thin-crust type and top it with vegetables rather than high-fat meats and extra cheese. It’s also a good idea to watch portion sizes.

What can I eat at McDonald’s with diabetes?

What can a person with diabetes eat at McDonalds?

  • Hamburger or cheeseburger with small or medium french fries with water.
  • Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich with snack size Fruit & Walnut Salad.
  • 6 piece nuggets with small french fries or 3 piece chicken strips with small fries.

What is the best breakfast food for a diabetic?

For people with diabetes, lean proteins provide energy density without a high amount of saturated fat, which could be linked to heart disease. Animal-based breakfast proteins like eggs and turkey sausage are pretty standard, but there’s also a case to be made for chickpeas, tofu, nuts, and seeds.

What are good breakfast recipes for diabetics?

According to the American Diabetes Association, each meal, including breakfast, should be one-quarter protein: good options include steak and eggs, scrambled eggs with salsa, hard-boiled eggs with vegetable sticks or steak and vegetable stir fry.

What is healthy breakfast for diabetics?


  • Oatmeal.
  • Barley.
  • Low Fat Yogurt.
  • Scrambled Eggs and Toast.
  • Spinach and Tomato Omelet.
  • Whole-Wheat Sandwich.
  • Almonds and Fruits.