Can you be buried on your own property in California?

Can you be buried on your own property in California?

If you are considering a home burial for a loved one, it is good to know that most states make it perfectly legal to take a body home from the hospital, nursing home, or other institution and bury it on your private property. Only Indiana, California and Washington State outlaw the practice totally.

Who regulates mortuaries in California?

The California Department of Consumer Affairs, Cemetery and Funeral Bureau (Bureau) licenses, regulates, and investigates complaints against 13 different licensing categories in California, totaling approximately 13,500 licensees.

Does California require burial vaults?

The law does not require outer burial containers, commonly known as vaults or grave liners, but cemeteries may require them because they keep the ground from settling after burial.

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Can you bury cremated remains in your backyard in California?

In California, you’re allowed to place cremated remains in a columbarium or mausoleum. You’re also able to bury them on cemetery grounds or scatter them in a cemetery garden. You can keep them at home with a permit by signing an agreement that you will dispose of the cremated remains at your death.

Can an embalmed body be cremated?

No, unless you want to have a public viewing of the deceased prior to the cremation process.

Can you be cremated without a coffin?

Can you be cremated without a coffin? In principle, coffins aren’t a legal requirement for cremation: a shroud or a coffin will do. In practice, however, you do usually need to be cremated in some kind of coffin, even if it’s made of something very simple, like cardboard or wicker.