Are Uvex goggles good?

Are Uvex goggles good?

With no metal parts, they’re great protection in any activity with exposure to electricity. They also come equipped with a HydroShield Anti-Fog Coating. Uvex says the coating gives lenses a 60x longer anti-fog and 2x scratch resistance than standard anti-fog coatings.

What are Uvex goggles used for?

Anti-Fog Protection This helps ensure that you always have optimal visibility. This is a must-have for glasses in any work setting. Safety Gear Pro’s selection of Uvex safety goggles and glasses ensures that you will be able to find the right pair for your needs.

Are Uvex goggles latex free?

Honeywell Uvex® Stealth® Safety Goggles are designed for superior protection from chemical splash and impact. The goggles have a soft, flexible elastomer seal that conforms to facial contours and a latex-free, quick-adjust headband for snug fit.

Is Uvex part of Honeywell?

In the Western Hemisphere (North, Central and South America), the uvex brand is therefore managed exclusively by the Sperian Group (a Honeywell International company) in the occupational safety segment. uvex sports products continue to be marketed by the uvex group.

What are Elvex bifocal safety glasses?

Elvex Bifocal Safety Glasses feature safety lenses with magnifiers (bifocals) molded directly into the lenses. They are perfect for those who need reading glasses, but also require the protection of safety glasses.

What are Elvex Avion glasses?

Elvex Avion glasses are designed to fit smaller female facial configurations, and this model actually fit most males as well. It looks good and it fits… A unisex style, a lady’s favorite!!

What is Elvex Sonoma?

Sonoma is Elvex’s fifth generation Bifocal Safety Glasses. This model adds a new level of style and design, and is available both as a standard safety glass and as a safety reader. It seems to fit a great variety of facial configurations very well… Sonoma is Elvex’s fifth generation Bifocal Safety Glasses.

What is Uvex coating technology?

Right from the start, uvex has been a leading specialist in developing eyewear which is perfectly matched for the intended application. Our coating technology represents one of uvex’s core areas of expertise. Learn which coatings are used and what they can do – and also how you choose the perfect lens tinting.