Are trains available from Aurangabad to Mumbai?

Are trains available from Aurangabad to Mumbai?

Aurangabad to Mumbai Cst Train Time Table

Train No./Name Departure Duration
17618 HAZUR SAHIB NANDED – MUMBAI CSMT Tapovan Express 14:35 7H 20M
11402 ADILABAD – MUMBAI CSMT Nandigram Express 21:30 8H 5M
17611 HAZUR SAHIB NANDED – MUMBAI CSMT Rajyarani Express (Starts 10 Jan) 02:55 7H 12M

Which train are running from Aurangabad?

Aurangabad Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Aurangabad Arrives M
Devagiri Express (17058) 23:20 Y
Sc Snsi Express (17002) 04:55 N
Tapovan Express (17618) 14:30 Y
Marathwada Express (17688) 10:05 Y

How many premium trains are there in India?

Indian Railways at present operates around 25 premium trains which include 12 Shatabdi, one Gatimaan, two Vande Bharat, one Tejas Express.

What is the name of Aurangabad railway station?

Aurangabad railway station (code AWB)is a railway station located on the Secunderabad–Manmad section which mainly services Aurangabad City….

Aurangabad railway station
Station code AWB
Zone(s) South Central Railway zone
Division(s) Nanded
Fare zone South Central Railway zone

What are the types of train?

Different Types of Trains in India

  • Toy Trains. The word called ‘toy train’ brings back childhood memories of joy rides.
  • Bullet Trains. Like the name suggests they are super fast trains that operate in parts of India.
  • Passenger Trains.
  • Local Trains.
  • Semi High Speed Train.
  • Express Trains.
  • Luxury Trains.
  • The Duronto Express.