Are Cort Guitars OK?

Are Cort Guitars OK?

These models are generally held in high regard for their quality and craftsmanship. Many guitar forums talk about the amazing quality the Cort Guitars factory produces for bigger brands. The Cort Guitars factory became a benchmark for South Korean quality over the years.

Who made Cort Guitars?

Cort Guitars (Cor-Tek Corporation) is a South Korean guitar manufacturing company located in Seoul. The company is one of the largest guitar makers in the world, and produces instruments for many other companies. It also has factories in Indonesia and China.

Is Cort bass guitar good?

Overall, a Cort bass guitar is probably the best choice for a low-end instrument. Unless you prefer more than five strings, there’s really no reason to pass up this guitar. The exception is the Cort Fretless Bass.

Does Yamaha make good bass?

Yamaha basses are very under-rated and offer among the best value for the money. They have great necks, good electronics, high-quality assembly and QA standards. They are very playable and sound great across all price ranges, from the entry-level RBX to high-end BBs.

Are Cort guitars good for beginners?

Cort produces budget friendly guitars, ranging from starter models through to sub $1500 for their Cort Cut Craft series. In the past cheap Cort’s sounded average and were often hard to play due to poor setups. Now Cort’s are very well built, having features that represent good value for money.