Are Citroen C5 any good?

Are Citroen C5 any good?

The C5 has been a brilliant car, comfortable, great for space and a smooth ride. The hydrolastic suspension is fantastic and gives a smoother ride than more expensive cars.

Which is the most comfortable Citroen?

C5 Aircross
Citroën is making bold claims for the C5 Aircross, which will assume flagship status in the range. It is promised to be the most comfortable SUV in its segment, making use of the brand’s Advanced Comfort programme, Progressive Hydraulic Cushion suspension and Advanced Comfort seats.

Do Citroens still have hydraulic suspension?

Citroen will stop selling cars equipped with its once-renowned hydropneumatic suspension system. Instead it’s working on “new technologies” to ensure that a comfortable ride remains at the heart of the French brand’s top models, CEO Linda Jackson told Automotive News Europe.

How long do Citroen diesel engines last?

On the used market, the second generation Berlingo (2008 – 2018) improved upon the first generation’s reliability with a new range of 1.6-litre diesel engines. It’s a strong workhorse with brake discs that should last around 60,000 miles and a resilient clutch.

What is a Citroën C5?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Citroën C5 is a large family car produced by the French manufacturer Citroën from March 2001 until 2017, in two generations. It replaced the Citroën Xantia, in the large family car class and is the first modern Citroën with “Cx” naming nomenclature, previously used by its ancestors – the C4 and C6 from 1930.

When did the Citroen C5 hatchback get a facelift?

In September 2004, the C5 underwent a major facelift (new front and rear ends; same centre section) to bring it into line with the look of the new Citroën C4. The hatchback was lengthened from 4,618 mm (181.8 in) to 4,745 mm (186.8 in) and the wagon from 4,755 mm (187.2 in) to 4,840 mm (190.6 in).

When did the Citroen C5 tourer come out?

The C5 Airscape, which was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2007, gave an outlook on the second generation C5. It was launched in February 2008, with the estate version following in May 2008, and receives the name of Tourer.

How many doors does a Citroen C5 have?

The first generation C5 was available as a five door hatchback or five door estate styles only. Unlike its predecessors, the C5 was a hatchback with a three box notchback design and a hatch. This form actually disguised the hatch, so Citroën had completely reversed the design philosophy from the fastback saloon era of Robert Opron.