Are Chinese mitten crabs invasive?

Are Chinese mitten crabs invasive?

The Chinese mitten crab is a light brown crustacean with a distinct pair of hairy, white-tipped claws. Native to East Asia, the invasive species has been reported in small numbers in the Chesapeake Bay.

How do you get rid of Chinese mitten crabs?


  1. Do not throw it back alive!
  2. Take a close-up photo.
  3. Note the precise location where the animal was found.
  4. Freeze the animal, keep on ice, or as a last resort preserve it in rubbing alcohol.
  5. For other questions, you can also contact the Mitten Crab Hotline at 443-482-2222.

How did the Chinese mitten crab get to California?

The crab was accidentally introduced to Germany in the early 1900s. In 1992, commercial shrimp trawlers in southern San Francisco Bay collected the first mitten crabs on the West Coast. Since then, the mitten crab has spread rapidly, established in the San Francisco Bay, and spread to river areas upstream of the Delta.

Why are mitten crabs invasive?

Chinese mitten crabs are native to China’s and South Korea’s coastal rivers and estuaries that drain to the Yellow Sea. In Europe and California, Chinese mitten crabs are believed to have been introduced via ship ballast water and, possibly, intentionally released to establish fisheries.

What is bad about the Chinese mitten crab?

Mitten crabs live in burrows along the water’s edge, so they can damage dikes and levees and increase shoreline erosion. They also can become so abundant that they clog water-intake screens at power plants. In total, they have caused more than $100 million in damages in Germany since they appeared in 1912.

Can you eat Chinese mitten crabs?

The Chinese believe mitten crabs can be overly cooling for the body and should be consumed with warming Shaoxing wine or a cup of ginger tea. Ensure the crab meat is cooked thoroughly. Don’t overlook the legs; they are delicious stir-fried, with asparagus for example.

Can you eat the Chinese mitten crab?

Can you eat mitten crab?

When eaten raw or lightly cooked, they can transmit a parasite that attacks human lungs. “Wildlife laws prohibit mitten crabs, listed as an ‘injurious species,’ from being imported into the U.S.,” says Eva Lara-Figuerdo, a wildlife inspector with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Can you eat mitten crabs?

Is the mitten crab an invasive species?

Chinese mitten crabs are an invasive species whose spread in the UK requires continuous updating. Everyone can monitor their distribution by reporting sightings. These crafty crustaceans damage riverbanks, compete with native species, block water outlets and damage fishing gear such as nets with their claws.

Why are Chinese mitten crabs bad?

Why are Chinese mitten crabs a problem?

The burrowing activity of Chinese mitten crab can undermine levees and significantly increase the occurrence of stream bank erosion. Mitten crab may impact commercial and recreational fishing industries by consuming bait, inundating or damaging fishing nets and devouring or damaging catch.

Are Chinese mitten crabs destroying German fishing?

The Chinese Mitten Crab has been the most detrimental to Germany. Here they destroy fishing nets, injure native fish species and damage local dams. The total cost of these damages has been estimated at around 80 million Euros. These crabs migrated from China to Europe as early as 1900, and were first documented by official German reports in 1922.

Where do Chinese mitten crabs come from?

The first notable invasion of Chinese mitten crab occurred in Germany in the early 1900’s. It has since plagued a number of Northern European countries, as well as areas in Western Asia (Iran and Iraq), Canada and North America.

Where can I find information about the mitten crab invasion?

The “Mitten Crab Watch” website provides information on the invasion of the mitten crab and allows users to more easily report catches. Please help us detect live mitten crabs by reporting any sighting in North America.

How do I get rid of Chinese mitten crab in Oregon?

If you find Chinese mitten crab or any other “tenacious trespasser” contact the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force at 1‐877‐STOP‐ANS. If you spot a potential aquatic invader in Oregon, contact the Oregon Invasive Species Hotline at 1‐866‐UNVADER.