Are balanced flue gas fires any good?

Are balanced flue gas fires any good?

They are highly efficient – balanced flue gas fires are much more efficient than open gas fires or solid fuel fires. They can be over 90% efficient, as less heat is lost up the chimney and more is pushed into your room.

Which is the best balanced flue gas fire?

5 Of The Best Gas Fires for Homes Without A Chimney Or Flue

  1. Gazco Studio Slimline Balanced Flue.
  2. Kinder Revolution Balanced Flue.
  3. Infinity 780BF in Edgemond Limestone Fireplace Suite.
  4. Gazco Marlborough Balanced Flue Gas Stove.
  5. Flavel Calibre Balanced Flue Gas Fire.

Are balanced flue gas fires noisy?

Do they make noise? With a balanced flue gas fire there are no electrics required, meaning you can enjoy having your room heated without any disturbance and any operational noise.

What is the best gas fire on the market?

The Best Gas Fires 2020…

  • Verine Passion High Efficiency Gas Fire.
  • Verine Meridian High Efficiency Gas Fire.
  • Eden High Efficiency Hole In The Wall Gas Fire.
  • Eko Fires 4010 Efficiency Gas Fire.
  • Be Modern Design Fascia Mid Depth High Efficiency Gas Fire.

Do balanced flues get hot?

When it comes to gas fires balanced flue fires are sealed from the room by a glass front, which means that care and regular servicing is needed in order to keep it from becoming scorched. These types of fires can also reach very high temperatures, so you need to ensure that the fire surround is suitable.

Are glass fronted fires better?

Glass Fronted High Efficiency Gas Fires More of the heat is pushed out through the glass panel via radiation, with less being lost up the chimney. Again, there is also convection at work here to make the fires even more efficient.

Can I have a gas fire without chimney?

A regular gas stove does need a chimney or flue. As gas doesn’t produce any heavy smoke, as a wood burning stove would, they don’t require you to have a Class 1 brick chimney – though they usually can be installed into one of these without any issues.

What is the difference between a balanced flue and a power flue?

Power Flue Gas Fires – These have a flue that is powered by a fan. This sucks the fumes out of the fire and removes them via a rear vent. Balanced Flue Gas Fires – These are glass fronted and bring clean air in and expel fumes through a double walled pipe that runs horizontally through the wall.

What is a balanced flue gas fireplace?

Balanced flue gas fires come in a range of styles to suit you, including inset, outset and hole in the wall designs. For the ultimate in fireplace efficiency, look no further than a flueless gas fire. Again, these are for use without a chimney, but they don’t use any kind of external flue.

What is the best balanced flue gas fire?

Available with either a coal or pebble fuel effect, the Gazco E-Box offers a heat output of 3.8kW with 76% efficiency. One of the very few wall mounted, balanced flue gas fires that can be fitted on a flat wall without the need to inset. The Verine Marcello balanced flue gas fire has been extremely popular for many years.

What is a Verine Alpena he balanced flue gas fire?

The Verine Alpena HE Balanced flue gas fire boasts up to 93.5% energy efficiency, it is a glass fronted fire featuring plain back panels and a deep coal or logs fuel bed. The product can be styled with a variety

What is a Verine Marcello balanced flue gas fire?

The Verine Marcello balanced flue gas fire has been extremely popular for many years. Whilst most other wall mounted balanced flue gas fires require you to build a false wall into your room to accommodate the depth, the Verine Marcello is a ´hang-on-the-wall´ gas fireplace and can be fitted on to any exterior wall.